Senior Year: Only 200 Days Left

On a long drive the other day, my sister asked, “Have you figured out tickets for graduation yet?” As she spoke I realized that graduation was nowhere on my priority list. It still seemed like a murky distant future that may never arrive. But it will arrive; in 200 days to be exact. In 200 days, I will leave Drake University and with it my comfort zone.

Despite my best efforts, I cannot remember a time before I was in school, before I was a student. But soon I will leave the “Drake Bubble” and enter the “real world.” I will no longer live in a tiny apartment with three of my closest friends; we most likely won’t be in the same country. Classes will be replaced with meetings. There will be no more all-nighters spent writing a paper on James Madison’s theory of the republic. My entire lifestyle will change.



Spare Time

A defining aspect of college life is the constant feeling that there is something that you should be working on. Mornings are spent in class, afternoons at an internship, evenings are left for group or extracurricular meetings, and late at night is for studying, reading and writing. Weekends are for getting caught up before the week starts again.

This hectic schedule will not be missed. Looking forward to my spare time, I am beginning to plan how I will spend it!

Attend community events. Every September, Des Moines hosts its World Food and Music Festival. This is by far my favorite thing to do in the area. There are so many incredible special events in every community and after graduation I look forward to discovering my new home through these types of events.

Workout regularly. Between my hectic schedule and complete lack of sleep, finding time to work out always seems impossible. After graduation though? No excuses.

Join PRSA. PRSSA, the student version of the Public Relations Society of America, has been a defining factor in my life at Drake. I’ve attended, and presented at, two national conferences, made lasting connections with PR students from around the country and deepened my understanding of my field. PRSSA has always been a priority; PRSA will continue to be one.

Learn a new skill. While graduation will mean finally getting to watch ALL of the shows I’ve been queuing on Netflix, I hope to devote my free time to learning a to-be-determined, non-career related skills. Maybe I’ll learn to sew or play an instrument.


While graduation means losing many of my favorite parts of being a college student, I will be gaining so much. Spare time is just one example. I’ve just messaged my sister to update her on how tickets for graduation will work. Though it is still difficult to comprehend that my life changes in just 200 days, I am ready and excited.

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